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A new chapter

LifeYasemin PolatComment
A new chapter

It's time to leave all the negativity and start on a fresh in my life, because the last couple of years hasn't been the easiest ones to be honest with you. I have been gone for way too long, in that period of time I went through a tough time in my life and recently the best time of my life. As you guys know when you go through hard times, the last thing you wanna do is to share yourself with the rest of the world and that is why I shot down myself emotionally and physically. I believe that everything has a reason and that God puts you in certain situations in life to let you come closer to him and to also realize the real value of life. While some doors get closed new and better ones opens. Speaking of new doors opening, I got engaged! It is truly the best feeling ever to soon marry the man I love. I am really trying to enjoy this time of my life and I am very excited for the wedding. We held a nikkah/engagement party for our closest ones last week to celebrate our islamic marriage and it was such a magical and unreal day! I still can't believe it, guess I have to get used to it now. Here are some of the pictures from the beautiful cake to the dress I wore.